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Things we LOVE: Colored Glass

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One of our favorite elements of décor to use is colored glass. There are tons of ways to work these pretty pieces into your décor from drinking glasses to table settings. Here's a few of our favorites!

  1. Drinking Glasses: This can be done on just the head table if you are watching your budget. You can pick one style glass or pick all different styles that follow a color theme. Love the ombre look? Work it in here with your glassware starting with the deepest shade of the color and working your way down the table glass by glass. The look of a variety of glassware does wonders for your table, not to mention your wedding party will know exactly what glass is there's all night long!
  2. Vases and Votives- Have some fun shopping around town the months leading up to your wedding finding all sorts of fun vintage glass pieces to hold your floral. This is the time to raid grandmas cupboard, Goodwill, antique stores etc. You can also opt to rent these pieces as rental companies often offer the variety of glass you're looking for. Once the sun sets, the colored glass looks beautiful by candle light. You can use them on your tablescapes, or hang them from tree branches to create overhead lighting.
  3. The Candy Station and dessert- Colored antique glass candy dishes are plentiful in the flea market scene, along with all sorts of colored glass jars at crafts stores. There are also some beautiful glass cake stands available that can add height and dimension to your display. Colored glass vases are perfect for lollipops and twizzlers!
  4. Blown Glass Floral Pieces- These can be a beautiful addition to a ceremony altar, bouquets, table settings, or even as a favor for your guests to take home. This is typically something you would have custom made by a local glass blower to get the color and design you're looking for.
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Five Things To Leave Out Of Your Wedding Budget

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  Nowadays there are a million fun ideas out there on how to spend your wedding dollars. While some add to the guest experience, others are generally a flop. Here are a few things we wish you would hold back on to save up for what really counts! 1. Ceremony Programs- Here’s what happens with the programs. People look through them while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. Then it starts, and they probably never look at them again because THEY ARE WATCHING YOU GET MARRIED! I promise everything will be fine to keep the surprise factor for exactly when Aunt Sally is going to read 1 Corinthians. Then the wedding is over and the programs end up blowing in the wind, all over the guest tables, or shoved into the bottom of peoples purses never to be seen again. If there is something you really would like in printed form, get one large copy printed, frame it, and put it in a place that guests will see as they walk into the ceremony. That can also double as something sentimental to hang in your home after! 2. Overbuying the wedding cake- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, buy a cake that is supposed to feed 100% of your guests. I cannot even begin to tell you how much cake I have seen thrown out. A lot of people are busy dancing and drinking once the cake is served, they are full from dinner, don’t like cake…you get the picture. If cake is the only dessert you’re serving, buy a cake for 75% of your guest count. If you have other mini sweets available or a candy station, knock that down to 60%. 3. The late night snack- I know you’ve seen the picture of the mini tacos on Pinterest that is so cute, you just have to have it in your wedding. What you’re not thinking about, is how much you want tacos when you just finished a 3 course dinner and dessert. At this point in the night people are really just focused on having a good time, not eating more. If you really can’t do without them, request your catering company only base those numbers on 50% of your guest count. Or better yet, serve them at other wedding celebration such as your engagement party. 4. Koozies- This is a major one. Yes, people may use them at your wedding, but guess how many of those are making it home with the guests? As someone who has seen the aftermath of many Koozie occasions let me tell you, not many. You will either end up with 75 personalized wedding Koozies to take home with you, or they get added to the catering company’s trash can. 5. Seated Dinners- The cost comes into play with this one because it requires a lot of extra staff. Seated dinners are not a blast for your guests. They are stuck in their seats for a good hour and a half talking to the same 7 people sitting at their table. Weddings are often an occasion that involves a lot of people who haven’t seen each other in ages. They want to talk and catch up! Not to mention a seated dinner will also require you to spend hours creating a seating chart, and more cash to get place cards made. mexican-wedding-theme-013View More: http://dreampopmedia.pass.us/the-patelscooZies

Hindu Ceremonies 101

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Ganesha at Indian weddings

Ganesh at our Indian wedding at the Cotton Dock

Ganesh is the god of new beginnings and he is likely to great you at any Hindu ceremony. This golden god greeted all our guests out at the beautiful Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation this past August. Each of his body parts hold a different meaning. The direction of his trunk is significant; pointed to the left is symbolic of going in the direction of success while the right signifies renouncing the world. Don't judge him for his large tummy; it allows him to peacefully digest all of what is good and bad in life. The bright colors, rich food, and jovial dancing already make these events amazing; all the beautiful traditions such as Ganesh are just the icing on the cake. We won't lie, being an elephant definitely helped. To see more of this beautiful Indian Hindu Wedding Weekend check out Shilpa and Yatin in our portfolio.

Tips For Following Up With Brides

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Meredith, chevron cake, NO fondant, hydrangeas, French fry station? Samantha, ghost chairs, hot sauce bottles, feathers?  These are what my notes look like from my first booth I ran at a bridal show for my catering company. They read a little more like mad libs than an organized plan of action when I sat down at my desk that following Monday morning. Did Samantha want a feather send off, or was she the one who wanted that peacock feather theme? I had spent all my time preparing for the show, but not for the most important part; the follow up. Here are a few tips I wish a little birdie had told me before my first show.

  1. Come prepared to get the information you need. In the ideal situation could have a 10 minute discussion with each bride but what happens when you have four brides standing at your booth? Prepare a short questionnaire to have your brides fill out that highlights information helpful to you. Do not make all your questions cut and dry; throw in a couple fun ones to help read the bride’s personality. What was her most memorable meal? What is her favorite place to be in the world? You will be surprised how the answers to these questions can help you down the road. Then, if you have time, make your own personal notes on her questionnaire based on any conversation you may have.
  2. Establish a planned future form of communication. Find out if your bride would like to be contacted by phone or email. If she would prefer to receive a phone call, schedule a time right then and there! Check to make sure her email and phone number is legible on your questionnaire as well. You will receive a contact list of all the brides, but occasionally a bride will have opted not to fill out certain sections, not to mention it can take a couple days for the contact list to be sent out.
  3. Make your follow up prompt and personal. One of the most common reasons a bride will drop a vendor is they were too difficult to get ahold of. This is your first, and maybe only chance to show her that you are ready to bring her visions to life. Sure, you have 20 other weddings you are working on, but this is of no concern to a bride. She has only one, and wedding planning does not tend to bring out the inner Mother Theresa in people. Monday morning, get on that computer, and get through that list! If you have more brides than you can contact in a day, reach out the best prospects first. This is also where your little questionnaire will help you. The last thing you want is to send out an email that you have clearly also sent to 150 other brides. Are they getting married at a venue you have worked out of before? Include a couple pictures of your work at that location. Proving to a bride that you are comfortable and familiar with her vision is the best way to calm her nerves and win her over!
Now that you have a few good tips under your belt, conquer that show! Bridal shows can create wonderful business opportunities, but it is all up to you to get optimal results.

Pets in Weddings

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Who is your best friend? My best friend is named Lorenzo. He is a great listener, absolutely loves my cooking even when I forget three ingredients and kind of burn it, and is never in a bad mood. The other day I asked him what he thought about being in my wedding party someday. He didn’t say anything. At first I was kind of insulted, but then I realized that if I was a black and tan Corgi I would not be caught dead in a charcoal gray suit either. I mean, that would like totally clash. So once we nixed the groomsmen idea (because I am not budging on the gray suits), we sat down and brainstormed some ideas together that were a little more appealing to Lorenzo. For all you out there with fashion forward furry best friends, here is what we came up with:

  1. Walk the ring down the aisle. This job assignment is going to be a better fit for pets on the calmer, more obedient side. The best way to do this is have a special friend or family member that is familiar with your pet walk them down the aisle. The pairing of these two is important! For example, your three year old flower girl who is terrified of dogs is probably not the best choice. This can be a great opportunity to involve someone in your wedding ceremony who did not quite fit into the wedding party, but is an important part of your life. If you have a pet who is excellent at coming on command, you may be tempted to just have them walk down the aisle themselves. Make sure that being surrounded by an aisle of laughing, oohing and ahhing people is not going to distract them! Either way, you can order collars that have ring pillows attached. Practice runs are key here.
  2. Sweeten your wedding pictures! Your pet can be an adorable addition to the wedding photos. You can choose to include them in just your group photos in the beginning, or make a night of it! Have someone walk around with your pet throughout the night and get your guests to pose with them! This can make a funny, and adorable coffee table book of pictures to look through someday. If you have a photo booth, and an animal friendly booth operator, station your pet at the booth for an hour as a fun addition to the photos. This is a better option for pets that love to be held and get lots of attention!
  3. Let them beg for tips. Some of us have pets that are not quite up to wedding guest standards. Create a tip jar for your bartenders to use that has a picture of your pet begging on it. It will get some laughs and your bartending staff will love you for it!
  4. Donate to your favorite animal based charity in place of a favor for your guests. Create a sign with your pets picture letting your guests know that a contribution was made in their honor!
  5. Involve them in your table numbers. Do you own 6 pets? Ditch the table numbers and instead name each table after one of your furry friends. If you want to put a little time into it, create a theme that matches your wedding and have a little photo shoot with your pets so you can include a picture of each pet at the corresponding table.
  6. Have a lot of guests in attendance with pets at home?  Pick your pet’s favorite treat and offer it as a favor to your guests to take home to their furry friends. In order to include everyone, offer a treat for dogs and cats, along with a third option that is to be enjoyed by their owners.
  7. Include them on your save the date. Have a fun photo taken with your pet holding a sign with all your wedding info. Have a turtle? Paint your date on his shell (with turtle friendly paint) and take a picture. Stage a wedding scene of your cat and dog getting married. You get the picture; style it any way you want!If you choose to go with an option that includes bringing your pet to you wedding, keep a few things in mind. Not all venues will allow pets, so before you set your heart on bringing them, make sure it is okay! You also need to choose a handler for your pet that day. This person needs to be responsible for getting your pet to and from the wedding at the appropriate times, as well as caring for them during the event.  If you do not think it is wise to have your pet there for the duration of the event, make sure you pick someone that will be okay with departing early. You may want to hire someone for this task so no one is missing out on part of your event, not to mention it would be best for your handler to remain sober for the safety of your pet. If your event is out of town, also ensure that you have pet friendly lodging.