Five Things To Leave Out Of Your Wedding Budget

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Nowadays there are a million fun ideas out there on how to spend your wedding dollars. While some add to the guest experience, others are generally a flop. Here are a few things we wish you would hold back on to save up for what really counts!
1. Ceremony Programs- Here’s what happens with the programs. People look through them while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. Then it starts, and they probably never look at them again because THEY ARE WATCHING YOU GET MARRIED! I promise everything will be fine to keep the surprise factor for exactly when Aunt Sally is going to read 1 Corinthians. Then the wedding is over and the programs end up blowing in the wind, all over the guest tables, or shoved into the bottom of peoples purses never to be seen again. If there is something you really would like in printed form, get one large copy printed, frame it, and put it in a place that guests will see as they walk into the ceremony. That can also double as something sentimental to hang in your home after!
2. Overbuying the wedding cake- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, buy a cake that is supposed to feed 100% of your guests. I cannot even begin to tell you how much cake I have seen thrown out. A lot of people are busy dancing and drinking once the cake is served, they are full from dinner, don’t like cake…you get the picture. If cake is the only dessert you’re serving, buy a cake for 75% of your guest count. If you have other mini sweets available or a candy station, knock that down to 60%.
3. The late night snack- I know you’ve seen the picture of the mini tacos on Pinterest that is so cute, you just have to have it in your wedding. What you’re not thinking about, is how much you want tacos when you just finished a 3 course dinner and dessert. At this point in the night people are really just focused on having a good time, not eating more. If you really can’t do without them, request your catering company only base those numbers on 50% of your guest count. Or better yet, serve them at other wedding celebration such as your engagement party.
4. Koozies- This is a major one. Yes, people may use them at your wedding, but guess how many of those are making it home with the guests? As someone who has seen the aftermath of many Koozie occasions let me tell you, not many. You will either end up with 75 personalized wedding Koozies to take home with you, or they get added to the catering company’s trash can.
5. Seated Dinners- The cost comes into play with this one because it requires a lot of extra staff. Seated dinners are not a blast for your guests. They are stuck in their seats for a good hour and a half talking to the same 7 people sitting at their table. Weddings are often an occasion that involves a lot of people who haven’t seen each other in ages. They want to talk and catch up! Not to mention a seated dinner will also require you to spend hours creating a seating chart, and more cash to get place cards made.
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