Things we LOVE: Colored Glass

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One of our favorite elements of décor to use is colored glass. There are tons of ways to work these pretty pieces into your décor from drinking glasses to table settings. Here’s a few of our favorites!

  1. Drinking Glasses: This can be done on just the head table if you are watching your budget. You can pick one style glass or pick all different styles that follow a color theme. Love the ombre look? Work it in here with your glassware starting with the deepest shade of the color and working your way down the table glass by glass. The look of a variety of glassware does wonders for your table, not to mention your wedding party will know exactly what glass is there’s all night long!
  2. Vases and Votives- Have some fun shopping around town the months leading up to your wedding finding all sorts of fun vintage glass pieces to hold your floral. This is the time to raid grandmas cupboard, Goodwill, antique stores etc. You can also opt to rent these pieces as rental companies often offer the variety of glass you’re looking for. Once the sun sets, the colored glass looks beautiful by candle light. You can use them on your tablescapes, or hang them from tree branches to create overhead lighting.
  3. The Candy Station and dessert- Colored antique glass candy dishes are plentiful in the flea market scene, along with all sorts of colored glass jars at crafts stores. There are also some beautiful glass cake stands available that can add height and dimension to your display. Colored glass vases are perfect for lollipops and twizzlers!
  4. Blown Glass Floral Pieces- These can be a beautiful addition to a ceremony altar, bouquets, table settings, or even as a favor for your guests to take home. This is typically something you would have custom made by a local glass blower to get the color and design you’re looking for.

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